Space Science and Astronomy: Dissecting the Galaxy with Hermes II: Decisive Observations (MQ contribution to Super Science Fellowship)

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  • The GALAH survey: Scientific motivation

    De Silva, G. M., Freeman, K. C., Bland-Hawthorn, J., Martell, S., Wylie de Boer, E., Asplund, M., Keller, S., Sharma, S., Zucker, D. B., Zwitter, T., Anguiano, B., Bacigalupo, C., Bayliss, D., Beavis, M. A., Bergemann, M., Campbell, S., Cannon, R., Carollo, D., Casagrande, L., Casey, A. R. & 27 others, Da Costa, G., D'Orazi, V., Dotter, A., Duong, L., Heger, A., Ireland, M. J., Kafle, P. R., Kos, J., Lattanzio, J., Lewis, G. F., Lin, J., Lind, K., Munari, U., Nataf, D. M., O'Toole, S., Parker, Q., Reid, W., Schlesinger, K. J., Sheinis, A., Simpson, J. D., Stello, D., Ting, Y. S., Traven, G., Watson, F., Wittenmyer, R., Yong, D. & Žerjal, M., 2015, In: Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society. 449, 3, p. 2604-2617 14 p., stv327.

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