Spatial Patterns of Fertility in New South Wales

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The aim of this project is to understand more about spatial patterns of fertility across NSW. Of interest are patterns at the two sub-state geographic scales that will be the focus of the population projections. In particular:
 How overall childbearing levels vary spatially
 How the age pattern of childbearing varies across the state
 Whether there is temporal stability in these observed patterns

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Analysis of fertility data

Key findings

In NSW birth rates tend to be lowest in the major cities and highest in inland regional and rural areas. The areas with the lowest fertility levels are mostly inner suburbs of Sydney. Fertility rates in Inner Sydney were mostly relatively stable. However most areass in outer Sydney decreased. Fertility rates are generally higher in the Far West and North of NSW.the ages at which women give birth have increased in roughly two-thirds of NSW.
Short titleFertility
Effective start/end date8/06/1830/06/18