Sydney Quantum Academy Scholarship Berry / krishnan SV

  • Berry, Dominic (Primary Chief Investigator)
  • krishnan SV, Hari (Student CI)

Project: Research

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Hari krishnan SV 48120995 not available in PURE as of 24/10/2023.

In the field of physics, simulating complex quantum systems is a critical challenge. However, classical computers are unable to solve this problem, prompting Feynman to propose the use of quantum simulation algorithms. These algorithms are efficient in simulating various physical systems, such as many-body systems [19], condensed matter physics, quantum field theory, and quantum chemistry. Here, I present two main lines of research in quantum simulation algorithms, namely the randomized product formula algorithm and the qDRIFT protocol, and propose
directions for further research. I then discuss the methodologies required to carry out the project and the possible outcomes and applications.
AcronymSQA Round 8
Effective start/end date1/02/241/02/28