Teaching Primary English: subject construction, textual knowledge and professional identity

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The 2015 Standards and Procedures for Accreditation of Initial Teacher Education Programs in Australia, agreed to by Education Council in December 2015, require that accredited primary Initial Teacher Education (ITE) programs provide all primary graduates with a subject specialisation (Standard 4.4). This project investigates the introduction of a Primary English specialisation at Macquarie
School of Education through research conducted in the new units EDST8212 and EDST 4150, which are externally accredited to meet the expert knowledge requirements of an English teaching specialisation in Primary ITE.

The key research question informing the study is "What are Primary English specialisation students’ perceptions of their subject, of their personal reading habits and children’s literature, and of their identities as teachers of English?"

As a small pilot study in 2021 with a larger scale participation in 2022, it will use a voluntary online survey to examine pre-service students' understandings of 3 key areas relevant to the content and pedagogies of an English specialisation. The survey will explore students' views about the content of subject English; their children's literature textual knowledge and personal reading habits; and
consider the ways they construct their professional identities as teachers of English. The survey will use both closed and open items. No identifying information will be given in any reporting of the research. All research results will be de-identified prior to use in written publications or conference presentations.
The findings from the study will have implications for teacher educators in the Primary English specialisation and for the development of effective learning materials, while also contributing to limited knowledge about the views of specialists who will teach in a national
priority area.
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