The Emergence of Modular Information Processing in Animal Collectives

  • Meyer, Bernd (Chief Investigator)
  • Reid, Chris (Primary Chief Investigator)
  • Landgraf, Timothy (Partner Investigator)
  • Couzin, Iain (Partner Investigator)

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    This Project aims to investigate how evolution has shaped the self-organisation of robust communication networks that emerge in large animal collectives from the actions of individuals following only simple, local rules. It expects to generate new knowledge into the fundamental principles guiding the self-organisation of networks that can sustain a complex society. Empirical work with ant colonies will inform the construction of simulation models to push the investigation beyond experimental limits. The Project should significantly advance our understanding of
    how communication networks enable the development of large societies, and thus of how to better manage autonomous man-made networks, most importantly the Internet-of-Things.
    Short titleHierarchical Information Processing as a Foundation of Large, Complex Societies
    Effective start/end date17/06/2031/01/24