The Impact of Population Agglomeration and Associated Costs on Economic Growth in China's Seven Megacities: What can be learnt from a Cross Country Analysis

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This project aims to provide an evaluation of relative significance of population agglomeration and urban costs in megacities resulting to economic growth. The examination will be based on an empirical analysis of seven megacities in China. Using the China Migrants Dynamic Survey (CMDS) data, the research will further measure how urban costs vary with city population in China's main megacities. By using different local Hukou (Household Registration) ratios to reflect the Hukou system reform status, our counterfactual analysis, based on a structural model, will quantify the changes in urban costs and agglomeration effects. Considering the atypical institutional set up prevalent in China, we will compare the Chinese scenario with five other megapolises of the world for better understanding of the future reform direction of the Hukou system in China's megacities.
Effective start/end date1/02/2131/01/22