The Interpreters of the Sibyl: The XVviri and the City of Rome

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1) To develop a full understanding of the role of the XVviri and how their actions changed the city of Rome
2) Assemble evidence, prosopographical analysis of who is XVviri found in inscriptions and in literary references
3) Analyse literary passages on usage of the Sibylline books by the XVviri
Evidence – Ancient Sources

A) XVviri served for life – only way to get rid of them was to kill them (examples need to be located)
B) 2 XVviri were put in charge each year
C) XVviri interpret the Sibylline Books to comprehend relations with gods and enact change
D) XVviri involved in exceptional religious occasions – Ludi Saeculares
E) XVviri shape the nature of religion, morality, imagery etc. = controllers of what could be called ‘propaganda’, ‘power of images’, ‘religious revival’, etc.

Key findings

Studies of the Quindecemviri have established their importance both in 1st century CE and in Late Antiquity - see links below to blogs on these topics
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