The Native Yeast Biobank: A Resource for Synbio Research

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This interdisciplinary project will create a pilot, initially within the Hunter and New England regions, for an online databank of microbial biodiversity in Australia. We will design and distribute publicly available kits to identify understudied microbes. These kits will be coupled with an app and website to enter the location of the sample, parties who collected it, and photographs of the plant species from which the sample was acquired. Samples will be returned to Newcastle where variants of commercial or scientific interest will be phylogenetically analysed to identify species and their natural history. Unique biochemical pathways will be isolated, identified, and modified through adaptive evolution. Yeast samples will then be distributed to our industry partner to ferment worts and identify variants of commercial potential. With a structured database, we will comply with the Nagoya Protocol, which is an agreement to foster profit sharing and supporting indigenous intellectual property rights.
Effective start/end date1/10/22 → …