Time Study Within General Practice Health/21-22/E21- 35599

Project: Consultancy

Project Details


The overarching objectives of the study are to inform policy parameters for permanent MBS telehealth service and fee structures to deliver high value patient care. The study will quantify the amount of time required by General Practices, including GPs, other health care providers and administrative staff, to arrange and conduct each mode of consultation to establish whether there are differences between the modes. The study will also seek to understand the perceived effort and any other opportunity costs involved in different modes of consultation. In addition, to assist the Department in identifying strategies to drive the uptake of video consultations it is important to understand the barriers and drivers to using video consultations from both the practice and practitioner perspective.

Layman's description

We will measure the time spent by general practices to conduct telehealth consultations (video and phone) and compare these to face-to-face consultations. We will also investigate barriers to video use through patient and GP surveys and interviews.
Short titleTime Study in General Practice
Effective start/end date10/09/2131/12/21