Using geochemical and microstructural XFM mapping to identify proximal, medial and distal vectors around magma transfer zones.

  • Daczko, Nathan (Primary Chief Investigator)
  • Munnikhuis, Jonathan (Chief Investigator)

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    The Earth is composed of a layered crust overlying a relatively homogeneous mantle. This layered nature necessitates material (in the form of melts) to be transferred from the mantle to the crust. However, the types of melt migration pathways remain unclear. We aim to assess changing the degree of chemical interaction of melt pathways from a transect near a mass transfer zone from the crust-mantle transition zone using the Maia-384 detector. This study will allow for better identification of other more cryptic mass transfer zones from surrounding rocks on the km scale.
    Short titleXFM mapping
    Effective start/end date14/03/1924/05/19