Validating chiropractic assessment of spinal stiffness: bench-top performance of the VerteTrack system

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    Chiropractors and manual therapists commonly evaluate the stiffness of spinal structures. For many this diagnostic approach is keystone to their clinical practice. Yet little is known about the construct validity of spinal stiffness, or the measurement properties of manual and instrument assisted assessment methods. More broadly, biological understanding of spinal disorders (versus psychological and social), such as the role of spinal stiffness, is disparately and insufficiently represented in the scientific literature.

    The aim of the current MRes project is to validate assessment methods of spinal stiffness. The project will consist of a series of measurement validation experiments that advance our understanding spinal stiffness construct validity and measurement. Spinal stiffness measurement is quantified as a function of force versus displacement. This project will validate the spinal stiffness construct using the VerteTrek System via quantification of the whole system including: (1) displacement error, (2) force measurement; and (3) stiffness measurement error. To date, the lack of reliable measurement methods has precluded the spinal stiffness construct from being extensively explored in studies relating to diagnosis, treatment selection and outcomes assessment.
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    Effective start/end date1/01/1831/12/19