Visualising Voice and Speech (VisVoiS): Bridging Experimental and Clinical Research to Accelerate Impactful Discovery

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Visualising Voice and Speech (VisVoiS) initiative brings together five distinct groups that have a significant synergistic potential: Phonetics Lab (Linguistics), Speech Pathology (Linguistics), Otolaryngology (MQ Medical School), Respiratory Medicine (MQ Medical School) and the MQ Speech and Hearing Clinic (MQ Health), to bridge experimental and clinical research to accelerate impactful discovery. This Faculty-wide initiative has a strong focus on the use of instrumental techniques, such as ultrasound and videostroboscopy, to visualise voice and speech production in real time. This initiative has been supported by the Faculty of Medicine, Health and Human Sciences research infrastructure scheme.

The Phonetics Lab has a strong track record of laboratory-based experimental research on voice and speech production. Speech Pathology, Otolaryngology and Respiratory Medicine consist of clinical researchers with extensive knowledge and experience of translating research evidence into clinical practice. The MQ Speech and Hearing Clinic is the site of application, where experienced clinicians employ the research evidence directly into their clinical practice and identify clinically relevant real-world problems requiring further research.

The main aim of the VisVoiS initiative is to enable laboratory-based experimental research findings to be directly employed in clinical practice; and to enable clinical practice to directly inform laboratory-based experimental research, maximising its real-world applicability.
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