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Project Details


This project aims to develop a technology framework and roadmap that will ultimately inform evidence-based, integrated management of water resources in NSW, as more fully described in the Research Plan titled “Where is all the Water?“ dated 25th March 2021 that is attached to this Project Schedule as Annexure 1 (Research Plan). If there is any discrepancy between the Research Plan and this Project Schedule, then this Project Schedule will take precedence.
This Project Schedule details activities to be undertaken specifically for Milestone 1, to be funded by DPIE.

Layman's description

• Audit of available data and hydrological models
• Conceptual map of data and processes which affect water movement
• Description of data framework
• Guidance for placement of new sensors
• Technology review of low-cost sensors
• Project design
• Initial roadmap

Key findings

The approach will be to combine existing data sets with the latest developments in low-cost sensing, quantum gravity sensing, gravity data sets and data fusion techniques to address gaps in our current knowledge of water location and movement in NSW, thus addressing the issue of “Where is All the Water?’.
Outputs include a project design, roadmap and prototype model to demonstrate how NSW Government agencies can use available and new data sources together in ways that increase certainty of water location and movement.
Short titleWater
Effective start/end date1/06/2130/06/22