A skills-based approach to training aeronautical decisionmaking

Mark Wiggins, David O’Hare

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This chapter proposes an alternative approach to the study of weather-related decision-making, based on the ACT model of skill acquisition. This tripartite model outlines the cognitive processes involved in the transition from novice to expert, and the implications for weather-related decision training. The chapter presents discussion in this important area, and lead to the development of a structured training program for weather-related decision making, based on a well-founded theory of skill acquisition. C. D. Wickens and J. M. Flach in 1988 have developed a model of aeronautical decision-making which comprises three distinct stages of information processing a situation assessment stage, decision formulation stage and a response execution stage. The chapter concludes that central to the development of skilled performance is the association between declarative and procedural forms of knowledge and the development of productions which embody this relationship.

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