A smartphone parking-location application development

Joseph Lewis, Robert Abbas

Research output: Working paper

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Smartphone applications that save the locations where vehicles are parked aid users in relocating their vehicles, so individuals are not required to rely solely on their memory and backtracking skills. These applications typically utilise Global Positioning System (GPS) chips in devices and make use of a mapping Application Programming Interface (API) to place markers at parking locations for navigation back to the vehicles positions. A Graphical User Interface (GUI) must be developed to integrate seamlessly with the functionality of the application. Our primary focus is on facilitating the fulfilment of the requirements elucidated for the human-computer interface. During this process, analyses, testing and documentation must be generated to ensure that professional standards are being met, progress can be tracked and users can understand the system. Value can be added to a parking location application by adding innovative features which competitors have not conceived. These features work behind the scenes of the application to make the task of relocating vehicles and navigation easier for its users.
Original languageEnglish
PublisherMacquarie University
Publication statusSubmitted - 2017


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