Advanced methods and measures for studying complex drug utilization patterns with patient-level databases

Petra Denig, Morten Andersen, Helle Wallach Kildemoes, Lisa Pont, Jaco Voorham, Jean Pierre Gregoire

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Background: Drug utilization patterns are studied to identify
problems in drug use, such as (non)adherence of prescribers
to clinical practice recommendations and
(non)adherence of patients to prescribed medication. With
the wider availability of (anonymous) patient-level databases
with longitudinal data on drug prescribing or dispensing,
a range of instruments and measures have become
available to better identify and quantify drug use problems.

Objectives: To review concepts, methods and measures
used in drug utilization research for indentifying and
quantifying complex drug use patterns with patient-level
longitudinal data.

Description: Target group: Researchers wanting to gain
insight in the opportunities and pitfalls when studying
(in)appropriate drug prescribing and drug use using databases
with patient-level data.

Description: The symposium will offer 3 presentations
focusing on the measurement of specific drug use issues.
For each topic, the presenters will give an overview of
approaches and instruments that can be used, their underlying
concepts, and show examples illustrating the advantages
and disadvantages of specific methods and
measures. The presentations will cover:
1. studying complex drug utilization patterns at patient
level: concomitant drug use, switching patterns, add-on
treatment, polypharmacy, dynamic models of drug use
(M Andersen and H Wallach Kildemoes);
2. studying prescribing quality with patient-level data:
classification of measures according to quality aspects,
drug vs. disease oriented prescribing indicators, cross-sectional
and sequential assessment, validity of different types
of prescribing quality indicators (P Denig and L Pont);
3. refill-adherence measures using prescription and dispensing
data: persistence vs. compliance measures, medication
possession ratio and gap-methods, correction for
intermittent use and stockpiling, strengths and weaknesses
of different types of data (J Voorham and JP Gregoire).
Each presentation will be followed by a short round of
questions and discussion, and at the end a summary of the
key messages will be given by the chair from the Special
Interest Group in Drug Utilization/Health Services.
Original languageEnglish
Article number73
Pages (from-to)37-37
Number of pages1
JournalPharmacoepidemiology and Drug Safety
Issue numberSupplement s3
Publication statusPublished - Aug 2012
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