Alteration of plant response to microorganisms

Barry Garth Rolfe (Inventor), Hancai Chen (Inventor), Steven Phillip Djordjevic (Inventor), John William Redmond (Inventor), Michael Batley (Inventor)

Research output: Patent


Composition for use in altering the response of plants to microorganisms comprises the exopolysaccharide(s) derived from bacteria of the genus (Rhizobium), or oligopolysaccharide(s) consisting of or containing one or more of the repeat-units of said exopolysaccharide(s). A method for treatment of plants with the composition either before, after, or simultaneously with exposure of the plants to microorganisms is also disclosed.
Original languageEnglish
Patent numberEP0326545
IPCA01N 43/16,A01N 63/00,A01N 63/02,C07H 1/08,C08B 37/00,C12N 1/20,C12P 19/04,C12R 1/01
Priority date13/05/86
Publication statusSubmitted - 9 Aug 1989


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