An IoT-oriented offloading method with privacy preservation for cloudlet-enabled wireless metropolitan area networks

Zhanyang Xu, Renhao Gu, Tao Huang, Haolong Xiang, Xuyun Zhang, Lianyong Qi*, Xiaolong Xu

*Corresponding author for this work

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With the development of the Internet of Things (IoT) technology, a vast amount of the IoT data is generated by mobile applications from mobile devices. Cloudlets provide a paradigm that allows the mobile applications and the generated IoT data to be offloaded from the mobile devices to the cloudlets for processing and storage through the access points (APs) in the Wireless Metropolitan Area Networks (WMANs). Since most of the IoT data is relevant to personal privacy, it is necessary to pay attention to data transmission security. However, it is still a challenge to realize the goal of optimizing the data transmission time, energy consumption and resource utilization with the privacy preservation considered for the cloudlet-enabled WMAN. In this paper, an IoT-oriented offloading method, named IOM, with privacy preservation is proposed to solve this problem. The task-offloading strategy with privacy preservation in WMANs is analyzed and modeled as a constrained multi-objective optimization problem. Then, the Dijkstra algorithm is employed to evaluate the shortest path between APs in WMANs, and the nondominated sorting differential evolution algorithm (NSDE) is adopted to optimize the proposed multi-objective problem. Finally, the experimental results demonstrate that the proposed method is both effective and efficient.

Original languageEnglish
Article number3030
Number of pages18
Issue number9
Publication statusPublished - Sep 2018
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  • Cloudlet
  • Iot data
  • Privacy preservation
  • WMAN environment


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