Assessment and feedback in curricula design for contemporary vocal studies

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Music education now occurs in diverse settings and often to groups of students. Adopting a developmental approach to learning, student achievement in group contexts can be realised in assessment practices and in a range of artefacts. Assessment tasks and measures can be designed in ways to facilitate learning for the individual student within a developmental continuum. For a developmental approach to be effective, feedback on achievement needs to facilitate a level of student autonomy in learning. Reflective practices engage students in ways that complement practical and creative curriculum components. Reflective practices, including critical listening and analyses, also support aspects of self-directed learning. This chapter details the ways in which multidimensional assessment design and feedback strategies are aligned to learning outcomes in tertiary level contemporary vocal studies for foundation, intermediate and advanced levels of study. These three levels of study form a suite of units for second year (foundation and intermediate) and third year (advanced) university students. Unit content is delivered in a series of lectures and practical learning occurs in group tutorials. Each level of vocal study has a different curriculum focus and assessment standards have been established in relation to the specific learning outcomes for each unit. Assessment tasks, both practical and written, have been designed to underpin the complexity and diversity of contemporary vocals. The chapter concludes with detailing the assessment and feedback strategies embedded in each of the units of contemporary vocal studies.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationAssessment in music education
Subtitle of host publicationfrom policy to practice
EditorsDon Lebler, Gemma Carey, Scott D Harrison
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PublisherSpringer, Springer Nature
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Publication statusPublished - 2015

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NameLandscapes : the arts, aesthetics, and education


  • Formative assessment
  • Developmental continuum
  • Reflection
  • Critical listening
  • Singing


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