Auto-synchronous fluorescence detection method and apparatus

Russell Connally (Inventor)

    Research output: Patent


    An apparatus for time-gated fluorescence or luminescence detection includes gating means (206) arranged to alternately permit light from an excitation source (242) to be directed to a sample (235) along a first communication path (231, 232), and then permit light emitted from the sample to be directed to a detector (246) along a second communication path (237, 238) while blocking the first communication path (231, 232): The gating means (206) may comprise a single chopper wheel or apertured disc, or a rotating or oscillating arm, and may further comprise one or more reflective facets (207). The gating means (206) may be driven via a magnetic rotor, with a ferrite bead placed to offset rotor magnets with respect to drive coils, when at rest, so as to assist with self starting.
    Original languageEnglish
    Patent numberEP2286205
    IPCH02K 1/18,G01N 21/64,G02B 21/16,G02B 26/04,G02B 26/08
    Priority date13/05/08
    Publication statusSubmitted - 23 Feb 2011

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