Bian xi 'qi hou bian nuan'

Translated title of the contribution: Speculations on Global Warming

Xiu-ming Liu, Zhi-zhong Li, Ping-yuan Li, Jian-hui Jin, Qu Chen, Pei-wen Lei, Guo-yong Zhao, Xiu-yang Jiang, Xiu-ling Chen, Jia-sheng Chen, Yun Zhu, Bin Lü, Guo-liang Lei

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    In recent years,controversy about global warming and its mechanism have reached an unprecedented level. Partly,this is due to the fact that climatic change is moving from a pure topic of atmospheric science and evolving into an issue associated with carbon reduction,carbon tax and other national interests. Since having been highly economy-linked,the issue may inevitably deviate from pure science discussion and leave room for unfairness to step in. Based on in-depth review and analysis,we come to conclusions as follows: 1) Because rapid urban development in last century had affected temperature measurements,the heating island effect should be considered to avoid the overestimation of global warming; 2) The contributing factors,human or natural ones,of the warming during last century remain uncertain,so the warming rate may be 0. 4 ℃ or even lower,if the heating island effect is corrected,; 3) At 10 000-year time scale,global climate is in its cooling trend,in contrast to the warming at 100-year time scale,and the latter can be explained more reasonably as one of secondary fluctuations of the former; 4) Either in the past or at present,the change of atmospheric CO₂ concentration has always lagged behind that of temperature. In other words,temperature drives CO₂ but not vice versa.
    Translated title of the contributionSpeculations on Global Warming
    Original languageChinese
    Pages (from-to)1-11
    Number of pages11
    JournalYaredai Ziyuan yu Huanjing Xuebao = Journal of subtropical resources and environment
    Issue number1
    Publication statusPublished - 2012


    • global warming
    • temperature drives CO₂
    • cooling trend


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