Computer modeling of diabetes and its transparency

A report on the Eighth Mount Hood Challenge

Andrew J. Palmer, Lei Si, Michelle Tew, Xinyang Hua, Michael S. Willis, Christian Asseburg, Philip McEwan, José Leal, Alastair Gray, Volker Foos, Mark Lamotte, Talitha Feenstra, Patrick J. O’Connor, Michael Brandle, Harry J. Smolen, James C. Gahn, William J. Valentine, Richard F. Pollock, Penny Breeze, Alan Brennan & 8 others Daniel Pollard, Wen Ye, William H. Herman, Deanna J. Isaman, Shihchen Kuo, Neda Laiteerapong, An Tran-Duy, Philip M. Clarke

Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

32 Citations (Scopus)

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