Konstrukcija, prenošenje i problikovanje priče(a) o nacionalnim identitetima

o Krležinom Starčeviću i Andrićevom Njegošu

Translated title of the contribution: Construction, transference and restructuring of stories about national identities: about Krleža's Starčević and Andrić's Njegoš

Boris Škvorc

Research output: Contribution to journalArticle


This work explores the narrative tactics, authorial impostations and the manipulations with ideologemes in prose works of two of the most important twentieth century South Slavic authors, Ivo Andrić and Miroslav Krleža. The focus is on their narrative and ideological tactics: fictionalization of factional layers of the text, especially on the processes of fictionalization of historical 'characters' such were Ante Starčević, an important Croatian politician from nineteen century, and Petar Petrović Njegoš, probably the most important historical person in Montenegrian nineteen century history. The postcolonial reading of this work explores the influence of various centres of power to on the readings and intepretation of our authors, their writing as well as the ways and tactics by which Andrić and Krleža are building those two historical persons into their fictional characters. The most important issue is that this is the process happening in a genre of essay, which is not fictional form. Some of the most important novels of two authors are also interpreted and explored with special attention given to the opposite process, that is the factionalisation of fiction and a production of various layers of identification tactics within both, fictional and factional texts. The paper argues that with decoding of the most important layers in factional text the great tool of further exploration in fiction of these two authors is provided.
Original languageCroatian
Pages (from-to)297-334
Number of pages38
JournalLingua Montenegrina
Issue number3
Publication statusPublished - 2010


  • Identification
  • Textual manipulations of authorial intention(s)
  • Narrative tactics
  • Ideologemes
  • Mithologemes
  • Fiction
  • Cultural studies

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