Consumer well-being (CWB): conceptualisation, contextualisation and a research agenda

Mohammad Sadegh Eshaghi, Mona Afshardoost, Jana Lay-Hwa Bowden*

*Corresponding author for this work

Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review


Consumer well-being (CWB) is an important multifaceted concept which contributes directly to consumers’ need satisfaction at the material, emotional, social, and physical levels. Despite interest in the concept, contemporary research on CWB is limited in agreement over its definition, measurement and characterisation leaving The term ambiguous, abstract, and with no universally agreed upon conceptualisation. We seek to provide a concise review of current research on the concept of CWB. Our review comprises 265 peer-review articles drawn from scholarly databases, which have been analysed according to a range of theoretical and methodological foci. An in-depth systematic literature review approach was followed. With regard to CWB foci, the review illustrates that CWB research has focused on individual consumer entities with a self-beneficiary foci. Secondly, the review identifies four CWB themes, namely wellbeing, well doing, well having and well becoming. Although, scholars refer to all of these as CWB, they vary in their theoretical conceptualisation, operationalisation and reference to temporal states. Thirdly, the review identifies two mega themes within CWB research namely definition centrality and problem centrality. A framework for CWB is subsequently proposed according to context-based versus object-based modelling. The review concludes by presenting a researcher guideline for CWB and an agenda for future research.

消费者幸福感 (CWB) 已被界定为一个重要的多方面概念,它涵盖 了各种多元化的概念,并直接导致消费者在物质、情感、社会和 身体层面的需求满意度。 尽管当前CWB研究展示了对这个概念 的兴趣,但是在其定义、测量和特征方面的共识研究是有限的。 因此,CWB仍然是一个模糊的和抽象的术语,有多种解释并且没 有被普遍认可的概念。 我们试图对迄今为止关于 CWB 概念的研 究进行详细的回顾。 本研究综述包括从学术数据库中提取的 265 篇同行评审文章,这些文章已经根据一系列理论和方法论被 进行了分析和分组。随后采用了深入的系统文献综述方法。

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)618-641
Number of pages24
JournalService Industries Journal
Issue number9-10
Publication statusPublished - 27 Jul 2023

Bibliographical note

Title in Chinese: 消费者幸福感 (CWB):概念化、情境化和研究议程


  • consumer well becoming
  • consumer well doing
  • consumer well having
  • Consumer well-being
  • well-being
  • 消费者幸福感
  • 消费者 共生感
  • 消费者拥有感
  • 消费者期望感
  • 幸福感


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