Cuffless blood pressure monitoring and the advent of a new era in medicine and society

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    Measurement of arterial blood pressure (BP) by the brachial cuff sphygmomanometer has been a conerstone of modern medicine, and notwithstanding its limitations of intermittent BP monitoring, the cuff sphygmomanometer has not been surpassed by any other noninvasive methodology. However, advances in sensor technology for arterial pulse detection have paved the way for the potential development of cuffless measurement of BP, with the prospect of continuous monitoring. Just as the cuff sphygmomanometer could be considered as having provided a significant step in establishing elevated BP as a major factor of cardiovascular risk since the turn of the twentieth century, cuffless BP monitoring might be considered a disruptive technology for continuous BP monitoring in healthy individuals during routine daily living and could become an integral component of modern digital health platforms in the twenty-first century. This volume of the Handbook of Cuffless Blood Pressure Monitoring addresses the significant challenges faced by this methodology. The underlying physiology and hemodynamic principles involved in the generation of the arterial pressure pulse are complemented by the clinical relevance of the novel cuffless methodologies in relation to the conventional cuff sphygmomanometer. The underlying pressure dependency of arterial properties, which is at the base of the cuffless technique employing pulse transit time measurement as a surrogate measure of BP, is addressed in association with instrumentation, measurement techniques, calibration procedures, device validation and regulatory requirements. This book provides a timely and comprehensive platform on how to approach the critical question of whether cuffless is the future of BP monitoring.
    Original languageEnglish
    Title of host publicationThe handbook of cuffless blood pressure monitoring
    Subtitle of host publicationa practical guide for clinicians, researchers, and engineers
    EditorsJosep Sola, Ricardo Delgado-Gonzalo
    Place of PublicationSwitzerland
    PublisherSpringer Nature Switzerland AG
    Number of pages7
    ISBN (Electronic)9783030247010
    ISBN (Print)9783030247003
    Publication statusPublished - 2019


    • arterial stiffness
    • pulse wave velocity
    • pulse transit time
    • sphymomanometer
    • blood pressure
    • cuffless techniques
    • peripheral pulse
    • arterial hemodynamics
    • big data


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