Democratic societies: liberalism biopolitics and sovereignty

Mitchell Dean

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Table of Contents Preface Introduction: States of Imagination / Thomas Blom Hansen and Finn Stepputat I. State and Governance “Democratic Societies”: Liberalism, Biopolitics, and Sovereignty / Mitchell Dean Governing Population: The Integrated Child Development Services Program in India / Akhil Gupta The Battlefield and the Prize: ANC’s Bid to Reform the South African State / Steffen Jensen Imagining the State as a Space: Territoriality and the Formation of the State in Ecuador / Sarah A. Radcliffe II. State and Justice The South African Truth and Reconcilliation Commission: A Technique of Nation-State Formation / Lars Buur Recontructing National Identity and Renegotiating Memory: The Work of the TRC / Aletta J. Norval Rethinking Citizenship: Reforming the Law in Postwar Guatemala / Rachel Sieder Governance and State Mythologies in Mumbai / Thomas Blom Hansen III. State and Community Before History and Prior to Politics: Time, Space, and Territory in the Modern Peruvian Nation-State / David Nugent Urbanizing the Countryside: Armed Conflict, State Formation, and the Politics of Place in Contemporary Guatemala / Finn Stepputat In the Name of the State? Schools and Teachers in an Andean Province / Fiona Wilson The Captive State: Corruption, Intelligence Agencies, and Ethnicity in Pakistan / Oskar Verkaaik Public Secrets, Conscious Amnesia, and the Celebration of Autonomy for Ladakh / Martijn van Beek
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationStates of imagination
Subtitle of host publicationethnographic explorations of the postcolonial state
Place of PublicationDurham, NC
PublisherDuke University Press
Number of pages24
ISBN (Print)9780822327981
Publication statusPublished - 2001


  • political anthropology
  • postcolonialism


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