Developing a scalable 'entrepreneurship eundamentals' program

Sam Burshtein, David Gow, Liora Katzenstein

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The growing recognition of the importance of entrepreneurship and innovation for social and economic development, has led to a dramatic expansion in demand for entrepreneurship education and training at the tertiary (University) level. Many universities are today moving to include entrepreneurship training across a broad range of programs – with the aim of encouraging all students to consider entrepreneurial career options after their graduations. This trend creates a need for a “foundation principles” course, which can accommodate large groups of students with diverse educational backgrounds, interests, and motivation levels. There is also a need to develop educational programs which could be delivered both on-campus (as part of a conventional degree program) and incorporated into other delivery models (including distance education and as a component of “Executive Education” programs). This paper examines the approach taken by Macquarie University’s Macquarie Institute for Innovation (MII). As a newly established academic unit, MII was tasked with the mission of “…raising the spirit of entrepreneurship across the university…”, necessitating the development and delivery of a course that could be effectively delivered to all of the University’s undergraduate students without overloading the department’s limited teaching staff. After considering several alternatives, MII moved to deploy a mixed-mode program, comprising an internally developed “on-line” core (accessible through the University’s WebCT environment) complemented with highly structured tutorials/workshops, that could be delivered either in regular “on-campus” classes, or in block-mode on client site when used as part of an executive education program. The model has been successfully deployed at Macquarie for an undergraduate academic unit, and in a training program for a major, government-funded research organization. Currently it is being considered for adoption by a private Israeli educational institution. This paper takes the form of a case study, examining the design and structure of the program, and some of the student feedback from the program’s initial delivery.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationProceedings of IntEnt2007
Subtitle of host publicationthe 2007 Internationalizing Entrepreneurship Education and Training Conference
EditorsAsko Miettinen
Number of pages14
Publication statusPublished - 2007
EventInternationalizing Entrepreneurship Education and Training Conference (17th : 2007) - Gdansk, Poland
Duration: 8 Jul 200711 Jul 2007


ConferenceInternationalizing Entrepreneurship Education and Training Conference (17th : 2007)
CityGdansk, Poland


  • Entrepreneurship Education
  • entrepreneurship education


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