Developing methods to measure the impacts of tropical cyclones in communities in Fiji

Kirstie Méheux, Kate Lloyd

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    Little published detail exists regarding the range of natural hazards impacts experienced at the community level in Fiji, how these impacts interact and the cost (economic, environmental and social) they have. Impact assessments provide useful information to decision makers in all sectors, and enable them to make informed decisions regarding land-use planning, infrastructure planning and preparation for medical response. The availability of such information at a community level allows for detailed planning and can also encourage community ownership of hazard mitigation. Unfortunately, a lack of available methods to conduct such assessments hinders natural hazard planning. This paper outlines the methods to be employed in a PhD study currently underway to investigate the impacts of one natural hazard (tropical cyclones) in communities in Fiji. Methods include: interviews with members of affected communities to identify impacts; a questionnaire survey to determine the prioritisation of these impacts; and, interviews with government officials and other organisations involved in disaster management or response to collect existing data on impacts. The methods described here and the resulting data will contribute to the wider study to enhance understanding of natural hazard impacts in the communities affected. This understanding will then be used to develop processes to identify and measure impacts which can be employed before a disaster to highlight vulnerabilities (and focus mitigation), and after a disaster to direct response.
    Original languageEnglish
    Title of host publicationPlanning for natural hazards
    Subtitle of host publicationhow can we mitigate the impacts?
    EditorsR. John Morrison, Sandra Quin, Edward A. Bryant
    Place of PublicationWollongong, NSW
    PublisherGeoQuEST Research Centre
    Number of pages11
    ISBN (Print)1741281156
    Publication statusPublished - 2005
    EventPlanning for natural hazards : how can we mitigate the impacts? - Wollongong, NSW
    Duration: 2 Feb 20055 Feb 2005


    ConferencePlanning for natural hazards : how can we mitigate the impacts?
    CityWollongong, NSW


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