Dynastic Wars, 260–145 BC

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Division of the post-Alexander world did not lead to a cessation of hostilities. Competition for influence in the Aegean Greek world led to several substantial naval engagements, while competing claims to Palestine and Syria resulted in a series of “Syrian” wars between Ptolemies and Seleucids. One result of these protracted conflicts, which diminished Macedonian resources and forced the successor kingdoms to rely increasingly on non-Greek forces, was the emergence of other powers: the Parthians on the Iranian plateau and Pergamum in western Asia Minor, where Gallic migrants had been threatening the safety of Greek cities.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationThe Encyclopedia of Ancient Battles
EditorsMichael Whitby, Harry Sidebottom
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PublisherWiley-Blackwell, Wiley
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Publication statusPublished - 31 May 2017


  • Hellenistic
  • History
  • Antigonids
  • Gauls
  • navies
  • Parthia
  • Pergamum
  • Ptolemies
  • Rome
  • Seleucids


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