Early Ordovician orthide brachiopods from southern Tasmania

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Five new and one previously named species of orthide brachiopods are described from the Early Ordovician Florentine Valley Formation and Karmberg Limestone in the Florentine Valley, 70 km west of Hobart, Tasmania. The forms described are Apheoorthis humboldtensis sp. nov., Nanorthis carinata sp. nov., Archaeorthis subcarinata sp. nov., Tritoechia lewisi Brown, T. florentinensis sp. nov., and T. karmbergensis sp. nov. Evidence from isolated graptolite and conodont faunas and from the morphological affinities of the brachiopods themselves indicates that the Florentine Valley Formation extends from the Tremadoc to the early Arenig.

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Publication statusPublished - 1980
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