Eli: translator construction made easy

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Eli is a comprehensive language processor generation system that groups at Macquarie, Colorado and Paderborn have been developing since 1989. The system is freely downloadable as Open Source Software with a GNU Public License and constitutes over 20MB of source code. The most recent major release (4.4.0) was made in 2003 with more minor releases roughly every year. A list of all releases since 2001 is as follows: 4.4.3 9/9/05 4.4.2 21/8/05 4.4.1 28/9/04 4.4.0 16/1/03 4.3.5 3/3/02 4.3.4 23/11/01 4.3.3 13/6/01
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 2003


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