Everyday life in Croatia

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The aim of the chapter Everyday life in Croatia is to present an outline of
everyday life in contemporary Croatia and describe what everyday culture in
Croatia is like: the lifestyle and the ingrained customs and practices of its people.
Customs and practices which are shared with people from other European
countries are presented, as are the unique aspects of life in Croatia which make its population what it is, and this is also by which people from other countries recognise and remember Croats. Croatia is a diverse country, so its people’s everyday customs and behaviour vary greatly according to age, the part of Croatia or place where a people live, their level of education, and according to many other factors which cannot all be included and presented here. Currently in Croatia there is not a great deal of research into everyday culture which can be used as a foundation to support a review such as this chapter. That is why this text roughly presents what is common and ingrained for Croats, what is considered to be average, and what is to be expected. In this light, the text focuses on Croatian families and their children, the demographic situation, the practices and customs and greeting and addressing other people, socialising with friends and colleagues and showing courtesy, being guests of a Croatian family, Croatian public holidays and religious holidays and the customs associated with them, how people spend their free time, entertainment, sport and recreation, the world of work and employment, standard of living, education, and how people spend public holidays and time off.
Many other topics which relate to everyday life are also covered – all of these are
topics which foreigners should be familiar with in order to be able to understand
Croatian society while they spend a short time in the country as tourists, or as
people wanting to successfully fit in as new residents of Croatia. The chapter also features a short review of the most common stereotypes which people from other countries have formed about the people in Croatia, as well as the stereotypes that Croats have of themselves – particularly regional stereotypes – and finally, the stereotypes which Croats have formed about people from various other countries.
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Title of host publicationCroatia at First Sight
EditorsSanda Lucija Udier
Place of PublicationZagreb
PublisherUniversity of|Zagreb, Croatia. FF Press
Number of pages27
ISBN (Print)9789531755993
Publication statusPublished - 2017
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