Everyday racism in Singapore

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In this paper, I outline some of the common forms of racism that Singaporean Indians experience in their daily lives. Though other racial minority groups such as the Malays and Eurasians also experience racism within the Chinese dominated Singaporean society, I am limiting my focus to the Indians as my research is based on this community. It should be pointed out that the experience of racism among the Malays has been well documented (see Tremewan 1996 & Rahim 1998). Moreover, because the Malays are often singled out as a “socially and economically underachieving” community in Singapore which in turn has generated critical response and resentment from countries like Indonesia and Malaysia, racism towards the Malays is also well publicised. However, racism towards the Indians has received little public attention. Even though Indians face racial discrimination in their everyday lives, their high socio-economic standing relative to their population size puts them as a prosperous and successful community in Singapore. As a result, racism has been become a non-issue for the India community and effectively ruling out the possibility of articulating experiences of racism discrimination in any official capacity.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationProceedings of the Everyday Multiculturalism Conference of the CRSI
EditorsSelvaraj Velayutham, Am Wise, a
Place of PublicationNorth Ryde, NSW
PublisherCentre for Research on Social Inclusion
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ISBN (Print)9780980340303
Publication statusPublished - 2007
EventEveryday Multiculturalism - North Ryde, NSW
Duration: 28 Sep 200629 Sep 2006


ConferenceEveryday Multiculturalism
CityNorth Ryde, NSW

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