Fluorescence detection

Russell Connally (Inventor), James Austin Piper (Inventor)

    Research output: Patent


    A fluorescence detection system comprises a light source (22), dichroic mirror (32), excitation port (16), emission port (14), and a detector. The light source (22) is, for example, a pulsed ultraviolet LED, with a light emission that decays sufficiently rapidly to permit gated detection of fluorescence from a fluorescently-labelled species, at a time when it is distinguishable from autofluorescence. The detector is, for example, an electron multiplying CCD, with high gain on- chip amplification. A circuit (26) may be used to control a repeating cycle of (i) generation of a 20-200 microsecond UV. pulse; (ii) a gate delay of 1-5 microseconds; and (iii) a 10-800 microsecond detection period. This allows time- resolved-fluorescence-microscopy with real time or near real time operation.
    Original languageEnglish
    Patent numberCA2584186
    IPCG01N 21/64
    Priority date18/10/04
    Publication statusSubmitted - 31 Aug 2006


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