Frontier basins of the West Australian continental margin: post-survey report of marine reconnaissance and geological sampling survey GA2476

James Daniell, Diane C. Jorgensen, Tara Anderson, Irina Borissova, Shoiab Burq, Andrew Heap, Michael Hughes, Daniel Mantle, Gabriel Nelson, Scott Nichol, Chris Nicholson, Danielle Payne, Rachel Przeslawski, Lynda Radke, Justy Siwabessy, Craig Smith, Kelsie Dadd

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This report (Record 2009/38) contains the description and preliminary analysis of datasets acquired during Geoscience Australia marine reconnaissance survey GA2476 to the west Australian margin. The survey, completed as part of the Federal Government's Offshore Energy Program, was undertaken between 25 October 2008 and 19 January 2009 using the German research vessel RV Sonne. The survey acquired geological, geophysical, oceanographic and biological data over poorly known areas of Australia's western continental margin. Data from the marine reconnaissance survey (GA2476) and the concordant regional seismic survey (GA0310) will improve knowledge of frontier sedimentary basins and marginal plateaus and allow assessment of their petroleum prospectivity and environmental significance. These data will be used to improve resource management and underpin decisions regarding future acreage release in offshore Western Australia and marine zone management. Four key areas were targeted: the Zeewyck and Houtman sub-basins (Perth Basin), the Cuvier margin (northwest of the Southern Carnarvon Basin), and the Cuvier Plateau (a sub-feature of the Wallaby Plateau). Over the duration of the survey a total of 229,000 km2 (26,500 line-km) of seabed was mapped with the multi-beam sonar, 25,000 line-km of digital shallow seismic reflection data and 25,000 line-km of gravity and magnetic data. A variety of sampling equipment was deployed over the duration of the survey, including ocean floor observation systems (OFOS), deep-sea TV controlled grab (BODO), boxcores, rock dredges, conductivity-temperature-depth profilers (CTD) and epibenthic sleds. A total of 62 stations were examined throughout the survey, including 16 over the Houtman Sub-basin, 16 over the Zeewyck Sub-basin, 13 in the Cuvier margin, 12 over the Cuvier Plateau and four in the Indian Ocean. This report is intended to provide a comprehensive overview of the survey activities, equipment used and preliminary results form survey GA2476.
Original languageEnglish
Place of PublicationCanberra, ACT
PublisherGeoscience Australia
ISBN (Print)9781921672323
Publication statusPublished - 2010
Externally publishedYes

Publication series

NameGeoscience Australia Record
PublisherGeoscience Australia
ISSN (Print)1448-2177


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