Globalisation of utilisation research: current challenges and triumphs

Lisa G. Pont, Andrew L. Gilbert, Ilse Truter, Veronika J. Wirtz, Yea-Huei Kao Yang, Frank May, Morten Anderson

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Background: Globalisation of healthcare has brought
with it new opportunities in terms of pharmacoepidemiology
and drug utilisation research. Cross national comparisons
and multi-national studies are becoming increasingly
important. Yet globalisation also presents challenges in
terms of balancing international and local environments.
Diversity in terms of capacity, health systems, available
data, financial resources and institutional support are key
considerations. Innovative pharmacoepidemioloigcal
methods are being developed to overcome some of these
challenges combining global knowledge with local capacity
and need.

Objectives: The objective of this symposium is to discuss
challenges and innovation in pharmacoepidemiology and
drug utilisation research in the global context. Researchers,
policy makers and health professionals working in
drug utilisation or health services research should attend
this symposium.

Description: This DUR/HSR SIG endorsed symposium
consists of four presentations (1 hour in total ) followed
by a panel discussion (30 minutes). The four speakers will
highlight local challenges facing pharmacoepidemiology
and drug utilisation research as well as emerging and
innovative methods being used to drive future applications
and research. The following topics will be covered.
1. Developing methods to meet local needs in a global
environment (Africa)
2. Using pharmacoepidemiologiocal techniques to
inform policy and change medicine use (Oceania)
3. Emerging pharmacoepidemiological techniques for
exploring multi- national medicines safety issues (Asia)
4. Drug utilisation and health services research to
improve public health and health service delivery (Latin
A panel discussion led by co-Chairs on the critical issues
facing globalisation and the future needs and directions of
the global drug utilisation research world will follow the
Original languageEnglish
Article number727
Pages (from-to)338-338
Number of pages1
JournalPharmacoepidemiology and Drug Safety
Issue numberSupplement s3
Publication statusPublished - Aug 2012
Externally publishedYes


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