High pressure discharge-excited gas laser

James Austin Piper (Inventor)

    Research output: Patent


    A high pressure discharge-excited gas laser having a metal pressure vessel (1) including metal end plates to enclose a volume of gas having a pair of electrodes (5) and (6) longitudinally disposed in the volume supported on carry members (7) and (8) with the carry member (7) having two arrays of spark pins (14) and (15) along its length acting in association with lead-ins (16) and (17) which pass through the metal vessel (1) to form spark gaps on both sides of the electrodes to pre-ionise the gas in the vessel, and having a secondary capacitor array (18) and (19) external of the vessel, the carry member (7) being connected to a main capacitor through a lead (22) actuated by a spark gap or thyratron connected across the carry members (7) and (8), the end plates having optical windows (21) and the volume being heated through tubes (3) and (4).

    Original languageEnglish
    Patent numberWO1984001672
    IPCH01S 3/03 2006.1,H01S 3/0971 2006.1
    Priority date14/10/82
    Filing date11/10/83
    Publication statusSubmitted - 26 Apr 1984


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