Home-based telecommuting

technology's role

Ellen Baker, Gayle Avery, John Crawford

Research output: Chapter in Book/Report/Conference proceedingChapter


This chapter examines the role of technology in home-based telecommuting (HBT), and the implications of this role for organizational IT departments and for managers of telecommuting employees. Specifically, it addresses the question: Does technology both facilitate and hinder home-based telecommuting? Although technology enables HBT, it has also been blamed for HBT’s slow growth. To clarify the role that technology currently plays when employees telecommute, we describe a recent study that investigated the relationship between different forms of organizational support (classified as technology-related, somewhat technology-related and non-technological) and employees’ reactions to HBT. Two technology-related support variables and manager’s trust (a non-technological support) were found to have broad impact on employees’ reactions to HBT; so, while technology plays a crucial role and thus could be a major factor in HBT’s slow growth, we argue that HBT is better understood within a multi-factor rather than a single-factor framework. Other implications are that organizations should emphasize providing IT support and appropriate technology for telecommuters, as well as HBT-related training for non-telecommuting co-workers and managers of the telecommuters.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationInnovative technologies for information resources management
EditorsMehdi Khosrow-Pour
Place of PublicationHershey, PA
PublisherInformation Science Reference
ISBN (Print)9781599045702
Publication statusPublished - 2008

Publication series

NameAdvances in information resources management series
PublisherInformation Science Reference
ISSN (Print)1537-3367

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    Baker, E., Avery, G., & Crawford, J. (2008). Home-based telecommuting: technology's role. In M. Khosrow-Pour (Ed.), Innovative technologies for information resources management (pp. 350-372). (Advances in information resources management series). Hershey, PA: Information Science Reference.