Individual action, world society, and environmental change: 1993–2010

Markus Hadler*

*Corresponding author for this work

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This article studies the question of how global cultural models shape individual environmental behaviours. The analysis applies a novel, cross-sectional, longitudinal, multilevel model that combines individual-level survey data from sixteen countries collected by the International Social Survey Programme (ISSP) with contextual characteristics such as the presence of international organisations, the national institutionalisation of environmentalism, and polities’ demands on individual participation. The analysis provides only limited support for the direct effects of ties to world society. It rather suggests indirect effects via the institutionalisation of environmentalism at the national level and via various individual exposure variables. In addition, both public and private behaviours are positively influenced by attitudinal alignment with global models, whereas certain individualisation processes have negative effects.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)341-374
Number of pages34
JournalEuropean Journal of Cultural and Political Sociology
Issue number2-3
Publication statusPublished - Jul 2016


  • and environmental behaviour
  • environmental concern
  • ISSP
  • neo-institutionalism
  • world society

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