Information and its impact on co-survivors of cancer patients

Violet D'Souza, Jessica Alcorso, Elizabeth Blouin, Anthony Zeitouni, Paul J. Allison

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BACKGROUND/PURPOSE: Head and neck cancer (HNC) is the eighth most common cancer in the world; receiving its diagnosis is extremely distressing for patients and their partners.

OBJECTIVES: To investigate and compare levels of anxiety, depression, satisfaction with information provision and cancer-related knowledge in partners of patients with HNC receiving a Multimode Comprehensive Tailored Information Package (MCTIP) and partners of patients with HNC receiving ad hoc information provision.

METHODS: A non-randomized, controlled trial was conducted with partners of HNC patients. Participants were partners of HNC patients recruited at two academic hospitals in Montreal. The test participants received the MCTIP, while the control participants received normal information provision. All participants were evaluated using the Hospital Anxiety
and Depression Scale (HADS), Satisfaction with Cancer Information Profile (SCIP) and a cancer knowledge questionnaire at baseline, and 3 and 6 months later. Data were analyzed using descriptive statistics to describe the general characteristics of the sample, T test and chi-square test to compare group differences, and mixed model analysis to test the impact of the intervention.

RESULTS: A total of 31 partners of HNC patients participated in this study and completed all the evaluations. The partners in the test group experienced significantly lower levels of anxiety (p = 0.001) and depression (p = 0.003) and were more satisfied (p = 0.002) with cancer information than partners in the control group. CONCLUSIONS: Providing tailored information seems to have positive outcomes regarding anxiety, depression and satisfaction in partners of HNC patients.

Original languageEnglish
Article numberG-1
Pages (from-to)55-55
Number of pages1
Issue numberSupplement 2
Publication statusPublished - Jul 2015


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