Interactive small-group asthma education in the community pharmacy setting: a pilot study

Vicky Kritikos, Carol L. Armour, Sinthia Z. Bosnic-Anticevich

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Background. This study aimed to compare the effects of two small-group asthma education interventions (one delivered by specially trained pharmacists (group A) and one delivered by a pharmacist researcher trained as an asthma educator (group B)) with usual care provided by community pharmacists (group C) on clinical and humanistic outcomes for people with asthma. Methods. Pharmacies were randomly selected to provide either group A, B, or C interventions. Data were collected at baseline, post intervention (groups A and B) and at 6 and 12 weeks (final visit). Results. Forty-eight people with asthma were recruited into groups A (n = 16), B (n = 16), and C (n = 16) and there were no significant differences between the groups at baseline. At 12 weeks there was a significant decrease in the proportion of patients with severe asthma/poor control in groups A and B compared with group C (56%, 44% and 50% to 25%, 13% and 50% [n = 48, p < 0.05], respectively). In Groups A and B, the proportion of patients with optimal metered dose inhaler (MDI) technique improved from 9% and 14%, respectively, at baseline to 82% and 93% (n = 11, p = 0.02, n = 14, p < 0.001), respectively, at 12 weeks. The proportion of patients with optimal dry powder inhaler (DPI) technique improved in Groups A and B from 0% and 8%, respectively, at baseline to 86% and 92% (n = 7, p < 0.001; n = 13, p = 0.002), respectively, at 12 weeks. No change in inhaler technique was observed for Group C. There were significant improvements in asthma knowledge scores in Groups A and B compared to Group C over time. Conclusions. Small-group asthma education delivered by pharmacists appears to be more effective than usual care in improving clinical and humanistic asthma outcomes.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)57-64
Number of pages8
JournalJournal of Asthma
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - 2007
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  • patient education
  • small-group education
  • asthma education
  • community pharmacists
  • community pharmacy


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