It Begins with the theatre: Barrie Kosky’s workshop

James Phillips, John R. Severn

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We begin this chapter by considering what makes a production recognisably a Barrie Kosky production. We then frame Kosky’s work as transnational, not only in terms of bringing together influences and personnel from different national cultures on stage, but of throwing the nation into question and exposing the transnational within the national, off stage as well as on. We set this engagement with the transnational in the context of a dominant strand of German theatre history that saw theatre as a means of shaping the nation, and also within an often-overlooked strand of Australian theatre history. We then discuss the practical steps that the Komische Oper Berlin has taken under Kosky’s leadership to engage with multicultural Berlin, and the ways in which Kosky invites his audiences to continue to engage with the themes raised in his productions after the theatre event, whether through reflection and processing or practical action. We end with a description of the book’s structure and content.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationBarrie Kosky's transnational theatres
EditorsJames Phillips, John R. Severn
Place of PublicationCham, Switzerland
PublisherSpringer, Springer Nature
Number of pages30
ISBN (Electronic)9783030750282
ISBN (Print)9783030750275
Publication statusPublished - 2021

Publication series

NameGlobal Germany in Transnational Dialogues
ISSN (Print)2522-5324
ISSN (Electronic)2522-5332


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