It's all about the food not the fork! 107 easy to eat meals in a mouthful

Peter Morgan-Jones, Danielle McIntosh, Lisa Greedy, Prudence Ellis

    Research output: Book/ReportBook


    Everyone enjoys the fun and convenience of snacks and other easy to eat food. But for some people these meals in a mouthful may actually be a life-changer if they can be eaten with your hands and are good for you as well.
    Imagine... you're not comfortable with cutlery, can't face a large meal, have reduced appetite, trouble with chewing or swallowing, are always on the move or have other things on your mind-an easy to eat, hand-held snack that is high in energy, nutrition and taste will restore dignity and enjoyment to your dining experience.
    While everyone who loves a snack will enjoy It's all about the food not the fork! it is a gift of love especially prepared for older people and people with dementia, swallowing difficulties or other disability, as well as carers. '...the question so often asked is for ideas about finger food to give pleasure and nutrient in every bite-particularly for those living with dementia. And here in this book we have so many ideas to share.' - Maggie Beer 'Peter's sensitive insight into the creation of joyful food for our aged community is a triumph throughout these pages.' - Damien Pignolet, Chef 'The importance of food cannot be underrated. Not just for nutritional wellbeing, but for social interaction, the relationships it builds and the simple pleasures of taste, texture and aroma. This cookbook ensures these remain available for those who too often miss out.' - Simon Bryant, Chef
    Original languageEnglish
    Place of PublicationSydney
    Number of pages232
    ISBN (Print)9780987582898
    Publication statusPublished - 2016


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