Keirzo: rapping and drumming robot

Richard Savery (Developer)

Research output: Non-traditional research outputOther Creative work


Research Background
This research is situated in the emerging field of robotic musicianship, which combines disciplines such as music, artificial intelligence, and mechatronics. Addressing the challenge of designing robots that can perform live music and interact with the public, the research explores the interaction between human audiences and robotic performers in real-world settings. The core investigation focuses on optimizing the design and construction of robotic entities for live performance, enhancing public interaction with robotics, and evaluating human responses to robotic presence in communal spaces.

Research Contribution
The project has innovated through the development of a robot equipped with features like a 'rib cage' and LEDs for interactive performance, and user-friendly forms of interaction for live programming and adjustments. Insights have been gained into audience engagement, such as what people communicate to a robot and how they interact with it within an installation context. The work has pioneered our understanding of interactive robots as cultural mediums and their future potential.

Research Impact
Impact is shown in the organic traction that Keirzo has gained across various media platforms, leading to an expansion in performance opportunities and an increase in invitations to exhibit at notable venues. The project's success is further evidenced by numerous peer-reviewed invitations, reflecting the artistic and technical excellence of the work. These accolades, coupled with positive reviews from independent critics, affirm the project's significant contribution to the field of robotic arts.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 2023


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