Kelsen's reception in Australasia

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Reviews the reception of Hans Kelsen's Pure Theory of Law in Australasia, with particular reference to: Kelsen's dispute with Julius Stone over the "Grundnorm" concept; use (or misuse) of that concept in legal argument during the constitutional crisis in Fiji, 2000-2009; applicability of the "Grundnorm" concept to Australia; and the author's own work in facilitating access to, and departing from, the Pure Theory.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationHans Kelsen anderswo
Subtitle of host publicationder Einfluss der Reinen Rechtslehre auf die Rechtstheorie in verschiedenen Ländern. Teil III = Hans Kelsen abroad
EditorsRobert Walter, Clemens Jabloner, Klaus Zeleny
Place of PublicationWien
PublisherManzsche Verlags
Number of pages42
ISBN (Print)9783214147549
Publication statusPublished - 2010

Publication series

NameSchriftenreihe des Hans Kelsen-Instituts
PublisherManzsche Verlags


  • Hans Kelsen
  • Pure Theory of Law
  • constitutional
  • revolution
  • Prasad
  • Bainimarama
  • Grundnorm
  • Basic Norm
  • Julius Stone
  • Otto Bondy
  • Tony Blackshield
  • Australasia
  • Fiji
  • constitution


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