"Learning digitally" - E-classrooms:

computers looking for a problem to solve?

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The impact of recent moves by some schools in New Zealand towards the establishment of learning environments in which students have dedicated access to high numbers of computers with which to undertake curriculum tasks, has been little researched. In particular, no studies have been forthcoming relating to the manner in which students work within such environments, or the impact that they have on their social, affective and cognitive development. This chapter documents key findings of an eighteen-month doctoral case study into one such learning environment involving year 5 and 6 students at a suburban primary school. It examines the nature of teacher and student work practices in an environment where there was a ratio of one computer to approximately two students, and details the complexity of the interrelationship between teacher philosophy, curriculum design, and classroom organisational systems, that significantly impacted upon student work and social performance. It presents and discusses data captured using Camtasia video recording software, which enabled unique and unscripted ‘insider views’ to be gained of the manner in which students worked with the teacher, each other, and the software, as they undertook their learning tasks. The study revealed significant issues with regard to such aspects as teacher role, the limitations of software in being able to promote and extend student knowledge construction, and the impact of group organisational systems, within this digital classroom. It draws implications from this for student learning, and concludes by making a series of recommendations for schools wishing to embark on similar initiatives.
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Title of host publicationContemporary approaches to research on learning environments
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EditorsDarrell L. Fisher, Myint Swe Khine
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