Lomax, Alice Christina (1893 - 1994)

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Alice Mayo was a third generation Australian, the daughter of William Mayo and Mary Ann Warwick. Her grandfather, Albert Mayo, had arrived as a convict in 1839 and lived and worked in the Duntroon area. Alice Mayo married Harold Vere Chumleigh in 1913. They were divorced in 1934 and she married Ferdinand Lomax in 1935. She worked as a schoolteacher as well as running a florist shop in Double Bay and a lingerie shop in Penfold's Buildings in Sydney. She played the piano as well as tennis. She grew up in Majura and lived between there and Sydney until the time of her second marriage. She and Ferdinand Lomax ran hotels at Boree Creek and Brown Mountain before retiring to Batehaven. Ferdinand Lomax died in 1969. Alice Lomax lived to the age of 101, only moving to a Nursing Home at the age of 99.
Original languageEnglish
JournalThe Australian Women's Register
Publication statusPublished - 8 Jan 2013
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