Marine Climate Change in Australia: impacts and adaptation responses : 2009 report card

W. Howard, M. de Salas, J. Church, J. Dowdney, M. Feng, S. Griffiths, M. Hemer, A. Hobday, B. Mapstone, R. Matear, E. Poloczanska, A. Richardson, A. Cheal, K. Ridgway, J. Risbey, P. Thompson, R. Thresher, E. Weller, N. Saintilan, S. WilsonR. Lenanton, W. Hosja, P. Moore, J. Lough, T. Wernberg, P. Marshall, R. Connolly, J. McDonald, K. Hill, B. Congdon, C. Devney, M. Fuentes, N. Graham, M. Hamann, D. McKinnon, T. Hughes, M. Kingsford, P. Munday, M. Pratchett, M. Sheaves, I. Goodwin, D. Raftos, J. Williamson, J. Beardall, S. Brett, M. Meekan, M. Waschka, P. Dann, T. Ward, G. Edgar, K. Swadling, S. Connell, B. Russell, V. Lukoschek, J. Havenhand, S. McGregor, H. Sweatman, G. Jenkins, A. Campbell, P. Steinberg, K. Anthony, C. Lovelock, G. Skilleter, W. Figueira, J. Davidson, G. Hallegraeff, N. Holbrook, M. Coleman, D. Booth, M. Doblin, G. Kendrick, D. Smale, L. Parker, P. Ross, L. Chambers, N. Dunlop

Research output: Book/ReportOther report


The report card summarises knowledge on climate change impacts, identifies knowledge gaps and addresses key adaptation. More than 70 authors from 35 universities and organisations were involved in production of the Report Card.
Original languageEnglish
Place of PublicationCleveland, Qld
PublisherCSIRO: Climate Adaptation National Research Flagship
ISBN (Print)9781921609039
Publication statusPublished - 2009

Publication series

NameNCCARF Publication
PublisherCSIRO Climate Adaptation National Research Flagship


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