Marketing accountability as a moderator of marketing influence with the CFO

Adam Gaskill

Research output: Contribution to journalMeeting abstract


Purpose: To examine how the marketing function can increase its accountability and how this affects the marketing function’s influence with the finance function. Originality: This study adds to the existing research stream through identifying the drivers and measures of marketing accountability, and extending the research sample beyond marketing professionals to include finance professionals. Key literature / theoretical perspective: A lack of accountability is a major issue for the marketing function with most marketers perceived as not being able to deliver on marketing accountability. This perceived lack of accountability has undermined marketing’s credibility, threatened marketing’s standing in the firm, and even threatened marketing’s existence as a distinct capability within the. Existing research has measured marketing’s influence as CEO satisfaction with marketing (O'Sullivan & Abela, 2007). However, the role of the CFO is increasing in influence and prominence (McDonald & Mouncey, 2009) yet CFO satisfaction with the marketing function has not yet been measured. Design/methodology/approach: A sequential exploratory strategy will be used consisting of a qualitative study, followed by a second phase of quantitative data collection and analysis that builds on the results of the first qualitative study. The sample will be drawn from Australian publicly listed organisations with in-depth interviews used as the data collection tool during the qualitative phase leading to the development of a conceptual model that will be quantitatively tested using structural equation modelling. Practical and Social implications: It is anticipated the study will show greater marketing accountability can improve marketing’s stature and influence amongst finance professionals.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)28-29
Number of pages2
JournalExpo 2010 Higher Degree Research : book of abstracts
Publication statusPublished - 2010
EventHigher Degree Research Expo (6th : 2010) - Sydney
Duration: 19 Nov 201019 Nov 2010


  • marketing
  • accountability
  • influence
  • performance


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