Minimising sun related damage to Australian children’s eyes

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Australian children and their families live and enjoy an outdoor lifestyle in an environment with variable and at times, high ultraviolet radiation levels. Generally they have been successfully educated to care for their skin against sun damage. However a similar message regarding the need for eye care has not been as forthcoming. Recent research has shown evidence of sun damage in young Australian children’s eyes and indicates the need for eye sun protection. Developing strategies such as wearing hats and sunglasses which aim to minimise eye damage are indicated. In doing this the link between sun avoidance and vitamin D deficiency-related disease needs to be considered. This paper presents a review of the scientific literature which reports on the prevalence of sun-related eye changes and damage in children’s eyes. Possible prevention strategies which offer protection to Australian children’s eyes such as sunscreen, sunglasses and hats will be discussed. The need for research in this area will also be highlighted.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)9-13
Number of pages5
JournalAustralian Orthoptic Journal
Issue number2
Publication statusPublished - 2010
Externally publishedYes


  • sun damage
  • ultraviolet radiation
  • children


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